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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: BUG: race-cond with partition-check

Hi Andries!

>Ah, yes. This second assignment can just be deleted, I suppose.
>[In the good old days it wasn't there. It was added in 1.3.19,
>don't know why, probably as a safeguard to make sure nobody
>used these values while they are being set up. But someone
>was bit by the assignment, since it is not undone if we take
>the return, so in 2.3.48 the assignment was moved past the
>return, with a conditional assignment before it. I believe
>you are right, and we only want the conditional assignment.]

Thank you _very_ much for looking into it and accepting my suggestion.
Your patch will fix the problem perfectly good.

with kind regards
Carsten Otte

IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
Linux for 390/zSeries Development - Device Driver Team
Phone: +49/07031/16-4076
IBM internal phone: *120-4076
We are Linux.
Resistance indicates that you're missing the point!

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