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Subject[PATCH] Hotplug PCI driver for 2.4.6-pre1
I've cut another patch for the Compaq Hotplug PCI driver ported to
2.4.6-pre1. It should also apply cleanly and run on 2.4.5, but I
haven't tested it there. It is available at:

Here is a list of the things that have been changed since the last patch
I sent out:
- forward ported to 2.4.6-pre1
- reformatted the code to match kernel guidelines
- removed most typedefs to match kernel programming style
- removed lots of unused #defines
- cleaned up almost all complier warnings (including those when
debugging is enabled.)
- forced debugging to be enabled (this is easily switched off in
the cpqphpd_linux.h file if you don't like to see all of it.)
- removed lots of global symbols, moving those that are
necessary to a clean namespace (hpcd_*).
- cleaned up the probing for the hotplug device logic to make
other future devices easier to add.
- other stylistic things.

I've tested this patch on both Compaq and Intel hotplug controllers
(much thanks to Compaq for providing a machine to test this out on)
using the Compaq gui tool.

Things left to do:
- add kernel-doc style comments
- remove more global symbols
- incorporate native list types
- look into removing some of the native PCI bus probing logic to
use the kernel provided functions where possible.
- add support for other archs (ia64)

If anyone has any problems or questions about this version, please let
me know.


greg k-h
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