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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sockreg2.4.5-05 inet[6]_create() register/unregister table
Henning P. Schmied writes:
> Alan Cox <> writes:

>> So it comes down to the question of whether the module is linking
>> (which is about dependancies and requirements) and what the legal
>> scope is. Which is a matter for lawyers.
> And this would void DaveMs' argument, that only the "official in
> Linus' kernel published interface is allowed for binary modules". This
> would mean, that putting the posted, unofficial patch under GPL into
> the kernel and then using this interface for a binary module is just
> the same as using only the official ABI from a lawyers' point of
> view!
> This would make DaveMs' position even less understandable, because
> there would be no difference for a proprietary vendor but keeping the
> patch out of the kernel makes life harder for people like the original
> poster that want to test new (open sourced) protocols like SCTP.


Consider a chunk of x86 instructions using a home-grown OS
abstraction layer, and drivers that implement that layer for
both Linux and any non-GPL operating system. The binary blob
is obviously not derived from Linux, and may in fact run
without modification in a BSD or Solaris/x86 kernel.

There is in fact just such a layer. It might not currently
have the features needed to implement TCP, but it could be
extended as needed.

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