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    SubjectRe: i18n system <> ecrit :
    > (i) The kernel has high visibility, and work on the kernel
    > [even if only on the Documentation subdirectory] has high "prestige".
    > As a consequence, parts of the kernel tree are kept much better
    > up-to-date than documentation found elsewhere.

    Why would quality be lowered if instead of trying and push a
    patch to an already busy Linus, one should notify the maintainer ?
    Simply because it doesn't gain the same "prestige" to the author ?
    *big pain*

    I don't forget your proc.5/bootparam.7 argument but it's not the same
    point imho.

    > (ii) So far, building a kernel involved getting a single tarball.
    > If the help for over a thousand configuration options is found
    > a hundred different places on the net, of which five are currently
    > unreachable, things get really cumbersome.

    Not everybody reads a thousand configuration options entry.
    If I want a kernel tailored for a specific machine, I keep a .config
    somewhere, make oldconfig and so on. I don't read a
    entry that hasn't changed for months. Documentation/Changes is enough.
    If I want to build the usual "does everything compile?" kernel, the entry isn't that needed.
    If it's the first time I compile a kernel, $DISTRIBUTION could include
    the extra package somewhere. Outdated ? We aren't talking about people
    working with testing versions thus I doubt it's really a problem.

    > The current system is not so bad.

    Yes. However, the point of " doesn't belong to core"
    makes sense (as long as it doesn't prevent compile).

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