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Subject[PANIC] aic7xxx loaded from initrd under 2.4.5
A panic occurs at boot while the aic7xxx is doing its thing..the 
following has been hand copied from the screen...

> printing eip:
>c01b6e36 *pde = 00000000
>Oops: 0000
>CPU: 1
>EIP: 0010:[<c01b6e36>]
>EFLAGS: 00010202
>eax: 0000003 ebx: 00001261 ecx: 00000000 edx: c144fd74 esi:
>0000000 edi: cff1a3c0 ebp: cff18f60 esp: c144fd54
>ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
>Process swapper (pid: 1, stackpage=c144f000)
>Stack: c144e000 ffffffff cff1a3c0 c013abea c144fd74 00000000 00001261 00000000
> cff17c00 cfb669e0 00000202 00000bb8 cff17c00 cfb8fa00
>d080452e cfb8fa00 00000202 00000000 cfb8fa00 d081c640 c0300900
>cfff4350 cfff0100 cfd01f20 Call Trace: [<c013abea>] [<d080452e>]
>[<d081c640>] [<c0111196>] [<c01ae1ab>] [<c0132dfe>] [<c01348ea>]
> [<c012906a>] [<c01b6d97>] [<c013719c>] [<c01348ea>]
>[<c013555ee>] [<c0123425>] [<c0147580>] [<c0148da7>]
> [<c013ae62>] [<c0138ccc>] [<c0105000>] [<c0116e46>]
>[<c0105000>] [<c01051da>]
> [<c0105736>] [<c0105200>]
>Code: 8b 40 10 83 f8 02 7e 62 b8 f0 ff ff ff eb 74 85 c9 b8 ea ff
>Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

In this particular instance the driver was aic7xxx_old, tested
because the current aic7xxx had been behaving identically.

The problem had not occurred when I tried aic7xxx as part of a
monolithic 2.4.5 and no initrd/modules.

The box is an IBM Netfinity 4500R with dual pentiums, ServeRAID 3L
adapter attaching three internal drives, internal SCSI adapter
disabled and IBM's Ultra 160 SCSI controller (Adaptec 29160) tested
with and without a drive attached.

Original system is RedHat 7.1 with fresh kernel 2.4.5 (for SMP) and
latest patch for ext3 applied. Booting was initially set to launch a
monolithic 2.4.5 kernel which boots with no problem. Then I tried it
2.4.5 from scratch with a fresh initrd and modules of scsi and
aic7xxx where it causes the panic described above.

Maurice Volaski,
Computing Support, Rose F. Kennedy Center
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
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