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SubjectRe: xircom_cb problems
Quoting Ion Badulescu <>:

> On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Tom Sightler wrote:
> > OK, I tried your patch, it did fix the problem where pump wouldn't
> > pull an IP address, but I'm still having the problem where my ping
> > times go nuts. I've attached an example, it's 100% repeatable on my
> > network at work. It was so bad I couldn't get any benchmark
> numbers.
> Just one more question: do you see the same bad ping times if you
> completely comment out the call to set_half_duplex?

No, the problem goes away if I do this, although then I hae the performance
problems as before. I also noticed that even when the call to set_half_duplex
is left in, the switch reports that the link is still in full duplex, 100Mb
mode. I tried forcing half duplex on the switch but this didn't help. It
actually looks like half duplex is not really being set correctly.

I plugged in a desktop with an eepro100 based card and forced the duplex to half
with the command line options and the switch properly reported a half-duplex
link had been negotiated, with the xircom card the switch reports full-duplex
with or without the set_half_duplex line, which certainly implies it's not
really working right.

Hope the helps. I won't be back at the office until Monday so that's the
earliest I'll be able to test again, but I'll be glad to test any combination
that I can.


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