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SubjectRe: temperature standard - global config option?

>>>>> "MHW" == Michael H Warfield <> writes:
MHW> Yes, bits are free, sort of... That's why an extra decimal
MHW> place is "ok". Keeping precision within an order of magnitude
MHW> of accuracy is within the realm of reasonable. Running out to
MHW> two decimal places for this particular application is just
MHW> silly. If it were for calibrated lab equipment, fine. But not
MHW> for CPU temperatures.

You do introduce some rounding errors if the measurement isn't in
Celsius or Kelvin. Ie, you must do a conversion because the hardware
isn't in the desired units. In this case, the extra precision will be

If you are going your route, you should send error bars with all the
measurements ;-) Fine, too many decimals leads to a false sense of
security. However, no one knows the accuracy of any future
temperature sensors so why not accommodate the possibility. Certainly
some band gap semis can give a pretty good measurement if you have
good coupling. If the temperature sensor was built into the CPU, you
might actually have accuracy!

Bill Pringlemeir.

This thread keeps going and going and going...

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