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    SubjectLinux 2.4.5-ac10

    Intermediate diffs are available from

    In terms of going through the code audit almost all the sound drivers still
    need fixing to lock against format changes during a read/write. Poll creating
    and starting a buffer as write does and also mmap during write, write during
    an mmap.

    o Fix xircom cardbus filter setup (Ion Badulescu)
    o Dave Jones has moved (Dave Jones)
    o Further cleanup (Eric Raymond)
    o Switch usb serial driver locking (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
    o Update IRDA Irnet protocol code (Jean Tourrilhes)
    o Update ide-tape and osst drivers (Willem Riede)
    o Add ethtool support to ne2k-pci (Jeff Garzik)
    o Misc small network driver tweaks/cleanup (Jeff Garzik)
    o Module description strings for net drivers (Jeff Garzik)
    o Fix thread/unload race in reiserfs (Nikita Danilov)
    o Fix a race in reiserfs_writepage (Chris Mason)
    o Add prolific 2203 USB serial support (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
    o Update isdn maintainers (Kai Germaschewski)
    o Add another USS720 device entry (Steve Tell)
    o Reap dead swap cache pages (Marcelo Tosatti)
    o Fix USB sign handling error (Jochen Pernsteiner)
    o Update input driver docs (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Fix locking bug in hysdn (Kai Germaschewski)
    o Fix hid parsing bug with feature reports (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Fix ataraid bug (Jim Wright)

    o Fix gameport link problems (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Fix an oops in the sg driver (Tachino Nobuhiro)
    o Fix brlock indexing bug (Takanori Kawano)
    o Add parport_pc_unregister_port (Tim Waugh)
    o updates (Eric Raymond)
    o Fix xircom_cb problems with some cisco kit (Ion Badulescu)
    o Fix tdfxfb cursor rendering bug (Franz Melchior)
    o Add driver for the sony vaio i/o controller (Stelian Pop,
    Junchi Morita, Takaya Kinjo, Andrew Tridgell)
    o Orinoco updates for symbol, intel, 3com cards (Jean Tourrihles)
    o Use list_del_init in uhci driver (Herbert Xu)
    o Fix a uhci SMP deadlock (Herbert Xu)
    o Allow faster freeing of reisefs metadata (Chris Mason)
    o Fix error path leaks in reiserfs (Chris Mason,
    Vladimir Saveliev)
    o Fix NFS problems triggered by 2.4.5 mmap change (Trond Myklebust)
    o Resynchronize with m68k tree (Jes Sorensen)
    o Add es1371 sound driver locking (Frank Davis)
    o Fix a small error in the trident locking (Frank Davis)

    o Fix sign handling bug in random sysctl (me)
    | From Stanford tools
    o Add more idents to the NS558 driver (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Fix oops on some HID descriptor sets (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Fix reuse bug in UML net code + clean up (Jeff Dike)
    o ES1370 driver locking (Frank Davis)
    o Update init/main.c patch for umask (Andrew Tridgell)
    o Fix uml fault race, and looping fault on (Jeff Dike)
    protection error
    o Update devices.txt (H Peter Anvin)
    o Update the airo driver (fix pci pm oops. (Jeff Garzik)
    spinlock abuse, delete after kfree, unchecked
    o Remove old UML umn driver (Jeff Dike)
    o Fix resource leaks and printk levels in isapnp (Mike Borrelli)
    o Add new procfs programming documentation (Erik Mouw)
    o Fix usb xconfig breakage (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
    o Replace accidentaly lost UP_APIC help (Mikael Pettersson)
    o Olypmic driver update (Mike Phillips)
    o Clean up LVM spelling, debug macros (Andreas Dilger)
    o Make various bits of LVM static (Andreas Dilger)
    o Make lvm_snapshot_use_rate its own function (Andreas Dilger)
    o Make lvm_do_lv_create loop the right amount
    o Fix lvm stamping on a semaphore causing an oops
    o Fix lvm hardware block size handling (Andrea Arcangeli)

    o UML cleanups (Jeff Dike)
    o Trap invalid addresses in UML ethernet driver (Jeff Dike)
    o Reimplment UML user space access (Jeff Dike)
    o Add device node support to hostfs (Jorgen Cederlof)
    o Fix hang if the UML net helper fails to run (Jeff Dike)
    o Support setting time in UML kernels (Livio Baldini Soares)
    o Move more non portable code out of UML core (Jeff Dike)
    o Merge most of remaining UML ppc changes (Chris Emerson)
    o Printk cleanups, remove one non portable (James Stevenson)
    o Add speaker mixer support to the cmpci mixer (Carlos Gorges)
    o Fix inittdata ordering in i2c docs (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
    o Add usb skeleton driver (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
    o Fix ns558 unload (Marcus Meissner)
    o Further cs46xx fixing (Frank Davies)
    o S/390 updates from the IBM folks (Martin Schwidefsky)
    o CS46xx pop/crackle fixes on IBM T20 (Thomas Woller)
    o Make USB require PCI (me)
    o Tulip driver update (Jeff Garzik)
    o Fix slip/slhc missing symbols problem (Michael Guntsche)
    o IRDA updates (Dag Brattli)
    o Add cs4232 isapnp probing (Marcus Meissner)
    o Merge airo_cs driver (Benjamin Reed, Javier Achirica,
    Jean Tourrilhes)
    o VIA workarounds for APIC IRQ routing (Jeff Garzik)
    o Fix bootmem.c comment cut&paste accident (Richard Urena)
    o Update LVM with new VG_CREATE ioctl (and (Joe Thornber)
    VG_CREATE_OLD for back compatibility)
    o Fix pv_t/lv_t confusion in lv_status_bydev_req (Joe Thornber)
    o Lots of update/fixes for _lv_status_by* code (Joe Thornber)
    o Add support for I2O IOP's requiring private (me)
    resource spaces
    o Hopefully fix hid jerkiness (Michael)

    o Fix the cs46xx right this time (me)
    o Further FATfs cleanup (OGAWA Hirofumi)
    o ISDN PPP code cleanup, cvs tag update (Kai Germaschewski)
    o Large amount of UFS file system cleanup (Al Viro)
    o Fix endianness problems in FATfs (Petr Vandrovec)
    o Fix -ac quota crashes (Jan Kara)
    o Fix bluetooth out of memory handling (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
    o Fix freevxfs readdir (Christoph Hellwig)
    o Fix freevxfs sign/unsigned issues (Christoph Hellwig)
    o Fix doctypos, other freevxfs cleanup (Christoph Hellwig)
    o Fix flush_dirty_buffers warning (J A Magallon)
    o Add Carlos Gorges to credits (Carlos Gorges)
    o Further atm cleanup fixes (kmalloc/signedness) (Mitchell Blank)
    o Fix hotplug variable in matroxfb (Petr Vandrovec)
    o Fix ns558 crash (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Revert to Pete Zaitcev's khub locking (Pete Zaitcev)
    | It works for me, Johannes changes don't seem to
    o Fix usb breakage for input devices (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Add another 3c509 ISAPnP id (Marcus Meissner)
    o Fix oopses and null checks on iphase (Mitchell Blank)
    o CS46xx update (Thomas Woller)
    o Fix mmap cornercase (Maciej Rozycki)
    o Tidy up aironet and saa9730 delay abuse (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
    o Force initial umask to be sane for broken (Andrew Tridgell)
    init programs
    o Teach CML1 to strip out <file: > from the (Eric Raymond)
    o Resync with Eric's master (Eric Raymond)
    o Revert FIOQSIZE
    o Fix missing copy_*_user in cosa driver (me)
    | From Stanford tools
    o Fix missing copy_*_user in eicon (me)
    + clean up ioctls a bit more
    | From Stanford tools
    o Fix use after free in lpbether (me)
    | From Stanford tools
    o Fix missing return in rose_dev (me)
    | From Stanford tools
    o Fix use after free in bpqether (me)
    | From Stanford tools

    o Fix bug introduced in cs46xx/trident locking (me)
    o Fix reiserfs unload/exit locking race (Paul Mundt)
    o Miscellaneous small UML updates (Jeff Dike)
    o Further FAT cleanups (OGAWA Hirofumi)
    o Fix ext2fs oops following disk error (Andreas Dilger)
    o Optimise segment reloads, syscall path (Andi Kleen)
    o Clean up .byte abuse where asm is now known (Brian Gerst)
    by required tools
    o Fix eepro100 on 64bit machine bitops bug (Andrea Arcangeli)
    o Move the pagecache and pagemap_lru_lock to (Andrea Arcangeli)
    different cache lines
    o Clean up .byte abuse where asm is now known (Brian Gerst)
    by required tools
    o Fix user space dereference in bluetooth (me)
    | From Stanford tools
    o Fix user space dereference in sbc60wdt (me)
    | From Stanford tools
    o Fix user space dereference in mdc800 (me)
    | From Stanford tools
    o Fix a rather wrong memset in nubus.c (Chris Peterson)
    o Remove fpu references from dmfe (Arjan van de Ven)
    o Fix spelling of Portuguese (Nerijus Baliunas)

    o APIC parsing updates (Ingo Molnar)
    o Retry rather than losing I/O on an IDE DMA (Jens Axboe)
    o Add missing locking to cs46xx (Frank Davis)
    o Clean up sym53c416 and add PnP support (me)
    o Tidy up changelog in apm.c (Stephen Rothwell)
    o Update jffs2, remove abuse of kdev_t (David Woodhouse)
    o Fix oops on unplugging bluetooth (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
    o Move stuff into bss on aironet4500 (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Fix up alpha oops output (George France)
    o Update SysKonnect PCI id list (Mirko Lindner)
    o Update SysKonnect GigE driver (Mirko Lindner)
    o Add ATM DS3/OC12 definitions to atmdev.h (Mitchell Blank)
    o Clean up atm drivers, fixed up user space (Mitchell Blank,
    access with irqs off, kmalloc and use after John Levon)
    o Update input device/joystick/gameport drivers (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Update USB hid drivers (Vojtech Pavlik)
    o Fix out of memory oops in hysdn (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Belarussian should be Belarusian according to (Nerijus Baliunas)
    the standards
    o Support booting off old 720K floppies (Niels Jensen,
    Chris Noe)

    o Ignore console writes from an IRQ handler (me)
    o Make SIGBUS/SIGILL visible to UML debugger (Jeff Dike)
    o Clean up UML syscalls add missing items (Jeff Dike)
    o Clean up non portable UML code (Jeff Dike)
    o Fix off by one and other oddments in hostfs (Henrik Nordstrom)
    o Update UML to use CONFIG_SMP not __SMP__ (Jeff Dike)
    o Fix UML crash if console is typed at too early (Jeff Dike)
    o Clean up UML host transports (Lennert Buytenhek,
    Jim Leu)
    o Resynchronize UML/ppc (Chris Emerson)
    o Fix UML crash if it had an address space hole (Jeff Dike)
    between text and data
    o Fix rd_ioctl crash with initrd (Go Taniguchi)
    o Fix IRQ ack path on Alpha rawhide (Richard Henderson)
    o Drop back to older 8139too driver from 2.4.3
    | Seems the new one causes lockups
    o Experimental promise fastrak raid driver (Arjan van de Ven)

    o Restore lock_kernel on umount (Al Viro)
    | Should cure Reiserfs crash in 2.4.5
    o Fix additional scsi_ioctl leak (John Martin)
    o Clean up scsi_ioctl error handling (me)
    o typo fixes (Nerijus Baliunas)
    o Fix hgafb problems with logos (Ferenc Bakonyi)
    o Fix lock problems in the rio driver (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Make new cmpci SMP safe (Carlos E Gorges)
    o Fix missing restore flags in soundmodem (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Set max sectors in ps2esdi (Paul Gortmaker)
    o Fix interrupt restore problems in mixcom (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Fix alpha compile on dp264/generic (Andrea Arcangeli)
    o Fix irda irport locking restores (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Fix failed kmalloc handling in hisax (Kai Germaschewski)
    o Add missing memory barrier in qlogicisp (?)
    o Fix missing restore_flags in eata_dma (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Fix procfs locking in irttp (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Winbond updates (Manfred Spraul)
    o Stop network eating PF_MEMALLOC ram (Manfred Spraul)
    o Drop fs/buffer.c low mem flush changes (me)
    o Drop changes to mm/highmem.c (me)
    | I don't think the Linus one is quite right but its easier
    | for everyone to be working off one base
    o Revert GFP_FAIL and some other alloc bits (me)
    o Hopefully fix initrd problem (me)
    o Fix kmalloc check in ide-tape (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Fix irda irtty locking (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Fix missing irq restore in qla1280 (Rasmus Andersen)
    o Fix proc/pid/mem cross exec behaviour (Arjan van de Ven)
    o Fix direct user space derefs in eicon (me)
    | From Stanford checker
    o Fix direct user space derefs in ipddp (me)
    | From Stanford checker
    o Fix direct user space derefs in ixj (me)
    | From Stanford checker
    o Fix direct user space derefs in decnet (me)
    | From Stanford checker

    o Merge Linus 2.4.5 tree

    Summary of changes for Linux 2.4.5-ac versus Linus 2.4.5

    o Fix memory leak in wanrouter
    o Fix memory leak in wanmain
    o Use non atomic memory for linearising NFS buffers as they are
    done in task context
    o Fix dereference of freed memory in NetROM drivers
    o Fix writing to freed memory in ax25_ip
    o Support debugging of slab pools
    o NinjaSCSI pcmcia scsi driver
    o Raw HID device for USB peripheral buttons/controllers
    o Updated NTFS
    o RAMfs with resource limits
    o NMI watchdog available on uniprocessor x86
    o Update CMPCI drivers (not yet SMP safe)
    o Configurable max_map_count
    o Dynamic sysctl key registration
    o SE401 USB camera driver
    o Updated Zoran ZR3606x driver (replaces buz)
    o w9966 parallel port camera driver (partially merged with Linus)
    o Include headers in etags
    o Don't delete empty directories on make distclean
    o Fix halt/reboot handling on Alcor Alpha
    o IDE driver support for Etrax E100
    o IDE infrastructure support for IDE using non standard data transfers
    o Run ~/bin/installkernel if present
    o Support for out of order stores on x86 with this mode (IDT Winchip)
    - worth 20% performance on them
    o Configure level debugging menu
    o Make BUG() default to an oops only - saves 70K
    o Power management help for UP-APIC
    o Work around 440BX APIC hang (eg the ne2000 SMP hang)
    o Run time configurable APM behaviour (interrupts, psr etc)
    o Smarter DMI parser - handles multiple use of names
    o DMI layer has blacklist tables fixing Dell Inspiron 5000e crashes,
    PowerEdge reboot problems , and IBM laptop APM problems
    o PNPBios support
    o Fix atomicity of IRQ error count
    o Handle PCI/ISA boxes that don't list edge levels but have an ELCR
    o Don't erroneously mangle settings on all VIA bridges - cures the
    horrible performance problem in 2.4.5 vanilla with VIA
    o Fix bootmem corruption on x86 boot
    o Scan and retrieve multipliers for processors (not yet used to handle
    the SMP cases where we need to disable tsc use)
    o Support machine check on Athlon and Pentium
    o Fix SUS violation with signal stacks
    o Handle boxes where firmware resets the timer to 18Hz (this should
    now not show false positives)
    o Better OOPS formatting on x86
    o Fix nasty problems with interrupts being disabled for long periods
    in frame buffer drivers
    o PAE mode alignment assumption fixes
    o 32bit UID clean quota
    o Fix quota deadlocks
    o Fix TLB shootdown races
    o Experimental merge of usermode Linux
    o Fix memory leaks and othe rproblems with the iphase driver
    o IBM AS/400 iSeries virtual drivers
    o DAC960 null pointer checks
    o CCISS driver leak fixes
    o MPT fusion drivers for scsi and networking
    o Handle out of memory allocating request queue entries and avoid oops
    o Free the initial ramdisk correctly
    o Small CD-ROM layer updates
    o AGP power management hooks
    o First basic applicom driver fixes
    o Fix copy_from_user with interrupts off in cyclades driver
    o Fix out of memory handling in DRM
    o Clean up dsp56K driver
    o Update generic serial driver with break support
    o Clean up h8 driver namespace
    o Fix keymap changing problems in console drivers
    o Fix locking in machzwd
    o Updated rio serial driver
    o A2232 driver
    o Fix serial driver mangling of some clone uarts
    o Handle xircom serial port setup delay bug
    o Updated sx driver for newer generic_serial
    o W83877F watchdog driver
    o ITE8172 IDE driver support
    o Q40/Q60 IDE support
    o Fix nodma handling bug in alim15x3
    o hpt366 DMA blacklist
    o IDE-CD updates
    o Updated IDE DMA blacklist
    o OOPS catch for sg reuse in IDE driver
    o Support formatting of IDE floppies
    o Support PIIX4U4 (851EM)
    o Enable second port on promise pseudo raid
    o Support nodma on pmac
    o Support more PCI irq sharing on IDE
    o IDE tape updates - DI-50 support,
    o Much updated VIA IDE support
    o video1394 updated to newer module API
    o Support write on the input event driver
    o Quieten mouse and keyboard input drivers
    o Fix compile problem with pc110pad
    o Fix memory leak in isdnppp
    o LVM updates
    o Fix plan b locking
    o Fix saa5249 locking
    o Fix stradis locking
    o Acenic driver updates
    o aironet4500 cleanups, probe tables
    o Ariadne updated to newer API
    o Don't limit mtu to 68+ in arlan drivers
    o Updated eepro100 driver
    o Fix potential crash on downing a bpqether port
    o Updated nsc-ircc driver
    o Updated toshoboe driver
    o Intel Panther LP486e ethernet driver
    o Remove erroneous check in eth_change_mtu
    o Alternative xircom_cb driver
    o Avoid ibm tr being rebuilt each make
    o Updated ibm token ring drivers
    o Add 'static' to bits of ppp code
    o Add pci probe table to roadrunner
    o Fix memory leak in sk_ge
    o sk_g16 updates
    o sk_mca updates
    o Add tools to generate starfire firmware
    o Synclink driver can be compiled in
    o Fix possible oops in lapbether
    o Fix memory leak in lanmedia driver
    o Fix SDLA_X25 warnings
    o Fix syncppp negotiation loop bug
    o GSC parallel port support
    o PCMCIA parallel port support
    o Support PnPBIOS probing for PC parallel ports
    o Fix leak in PCMCIA bulkmem driver
    o Fix leak in PCMCIA ds driver
    o Add more cards to the ti list for the yenta pcmcia
    o Updated 3ware scsi driver
    o NCR 53c700 and 53c700/66 driver core
    o Fix pci_enable/resource read order on buslogic
    o Updated NCR53c8xx driver
    o Updated SYM53c8xx driver
    o Fix NCR53c406 warnings
    o NCR dual MCA driver
    o AIC7xxx pci probe table for hotplug
    o Updated aic7xxx_old
    o Fix resource leaks in dec esp driver
    o Fix printk levels in dmx3191 driver
    o Allow per device max sector counts. (2.4 workaround until 2.5 does
    this in the block layer per device)
    o Support SCSI2/SCSI3 extended LUN numbering
    o Limit qlogicisp and qlogicpti to 64 sectors/write
    o Fix missing EFAULT return in scsi proc
    o Fix locking of scsi_unregister_host
    o Fix leaks in scsi_ioctl
    o Fix potential lost requests in scsi merges
    o Fix leak on write when scsi driver has no proc write op
    o Extend the scsi black/whitelist
    o Fix locking/eject/rescan on removable scsi disk media
    o Updated scsi generic driver
    o Updated scsi cdrom driver
    o Correct ac97 handling on sparc
    o Fix use after kfree in cs4281
    o Update ess solo to new PCI style and PM
    o Update maestro to new PCI style and PM
    o Add docking station support to maestro
    o Update sonicvies to new PCI api
    o Fix trident locking problems
    o Fix buzzing on ymfpci
    o Power management for ymfpci
    o Fix leak/missized copy on xjack driver
    o CDCEther driver
    o ACM driver with fixed CLOCAL
    o Updated USB audio drivers
    o Fix locking/reporting in USB device list
    o Allow dsbr100 to take a radio_nr option
    o HP5300 series USB scanner driver
    o Updated IBM cam driver
    o Fix USB inode locking
    o Driver for Kawasaki based USB ethernet
    o Small ov511 fixes
    o Updated USB storage drivers
    o Entries for Sony MSC-U01N memory stick, Fujifilm FinePix 1400Zoom,
    Casio QV Digial Camera
    o USB Ultracam driver
    o Fix derefence of freed memory in the USB code
    o Generic USB host->host drivers for anchorchip 2270, ipaq, netchip
    1080, and Prolific PL-2301/2
    o Updated ATI frame buffer drivers
    o Updated clgen and control frame buffer drivers
    o Updated cyber2000 driver
    o Documentation for fbcon driver
    o Additional modes for titanium powerbook (1152x768)
    o Updated matrxofb drivers
    o Support __setup in mdacon
    o Radeon console driver
    o Handle out of memory on sun3 fb
    o Updated tga/vesa fb
    o CMS file system (basic R/O)
    o JFFS journalling flash file system with compression
    o Updated AFFS file system
    o Threaded core dumps
    o Fix security holes in binfmt_misc
    o Allow flushing of low buffers only when we need bounce buffers
    o Use brelse in cramfs
    o Fix memory leaks in freevxfs
    o Updated isofs
    o Small lockd updates (experimental)
    o Fix nfs alignment funnies
    o Report correct SuS errors on some opens
    o Add generic_file_open to get 64bit stuff right
    o Locking on make_inode_number for procfs
    o Report shmem size in shared memory proc field
    o Fail lseek outside of allowed range for filesystem
    o Fix select race with fdset growth
    o Kernel message levels and handle oom on superblock/mount ops
    o Updated frame buffer logos
    o Prefetch support for AMD Athlon
    o Support out of order stores in spinlocks on x86
    o m68k bitop compile fixes
    o Add truncatepage op to address operations
    o shmem filesystem cleanups and updates
    o Fix off by one on real time pre-emption in scheduler
    o Use prefetches in scheduler and wakeups
    o Support GFP_FAIL to avoid highmem deadlocks

    Alan Cox <>
    Red Hat Kernel Hacker
    & Linux 2.2 Maintainer Brainbench MVP for TCP/IP
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