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SubjectRe: xircom_cb problems
Quoting Ion Badulescu <>:

> > 2.4.4-ac11 -- mostly works fine -- minor problems awaking from sleep
> Can you run some performance testing with this driver, though? The
> speed
> of ftp transfers in both directions would be a good measure. The
> reason
> I'm asking is because we saw really poor performance on 100Mb
> full-duplex,
> something like 200-300KB/s when receiving.

OK, I did some simple FTP benchmarking, transferring a 100MB to and from my
laptop connected to a Cisco Catalyst 6509. The other systems were a PIII
700Mhz UP with eepro100 NIC running 2.4.2-ac11, and a PIII 1Ghz SMP (2 proc)
with Alteon Gigabit NIC running 2.2.19.

Transferring files between the eepro100 machine running 2.4.2-ac11 and my
laptop produced a result of 2.24MB/s for sending and 2.13MB/s recieving the

Transfering files between the Alteon Gigabit machine running 2.2.19 and my
laptop resulted in the dismal numbers of 249KB/s sending and 185KB/s recieving,
close to the numbers you quoted above, but actually slightly worse.

I'm not sure what would explain the 2.2.19 1GB conencted box being 10x slower
than the 2.4.2-ac11 100MB machine.

Transferring the same file between the two other boxes gives 9.81MB/s which is
near the theoretical maximum for 100Mb.

> > 2.4.5-ac9 -- keeps logging "Link is absent" then "Linux is 100 mbit"
> over and
> > over when trying to pull an IP address via dhcp using pump or dhcpcd.
> pump likes to bring the interface up and down and up and down, so those
> messages are not necessarily unusual.

Yea, I've actually complained of this before, the interface up/down things that
pump does makes it very tough to use on a large network with full spanning tree
as pump brings the interface down and up again right about the time spanning
tree puts the port into forwarding mode. I can get around this by setting
Cisco's portfast feature, but doing that on all ports somewhat defeats the
purpose of spanning tree and I move my laptop a lot.

> Hmm. I have an idea though. In set_half_duplex, we shouldn't touch the
> if the new autoneg value is the same as the old one. It should certainly
> help with things like pump. Arjan, what do you think?
> > Interestingly manually setting an IP address seems to work fine with
> > this driver.
> That's very good to know. So most likely the repeated up/down that
> pump's
> doing is upsetting the card.

Commenting out the set_half_duplex made the driver in 2.4.5-ac9 work with DHCP
again so your probably right.

I'll apply your patch with the change to MII handling and rerun some simple
file transfers and report the results soon.


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