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SubjectRe: scsi disk defect or kernel driver defect ?
Khalid Aziz wrote:

> Nico Schottelius wrote:
> >
> > Hi all!
> >
> > The problem is solved, if I disconnect the hp streamer
> > from the bus. I wonder why there is a problem.
> > The aic7880 has two busses:
> >
> > ultra/ ultrawide.
> >
> > The ibm hard disk is connected to the uw port and is terminated.
> > No other uw device is attached.
> >
> > The hp streamer is also lonely on the ultra bus. I have
> > no documentation for that device, so I don't know
> > whether it is terminated nor if it is using parity.
> >
> > Btw, can somebody explain what the parity bit does to me ?
> >
> > Or does anybody have a hp c1536 streamer and can help me ?
> Based upon the lspci output you posted earlier, aic7880 has a single
> SCSI bus.

Oh. That could really be a problem.. I though having two different
connectors on the board would make two different buses..
I must have been wrong.

> So you must mean two internal connectors. Both of your devices
> (HD and Tape) do show up on the same bus during scan. Since you have
> connected devices to both connectors on the card, you must terminate
> both devices.

Okay, so far I understood.

> Sounds like you HD might be terminated.

It is.

> You need to terminate tape drive as well.

It seems like it is impossible:

> I do not have a C1536 handy,

the problem is I do have :)

> but if you look at the back of the drive you should see 10 pins aligned
> horizontally.

No. And that's the real problem.
I can see the following:

2 - 1 -0 for the id (every one with two pins), NC (one pin).
Under the device is a small claviar.
I mean a small think, a bank with small switches on it.

reading from left to right:
1 - 2 -3 - 4 -5 -6 -7 -8.
If the switch is up, it is on.

| o | on
| |

| | off.
| o |

I hope you understand what I mean to say with thoses ascii figures.

Does anybody know what to do with these
switches ?


ps: oh, you are from hp, that's the reason why you know so much about this
device ;)

> They should all be labelled on the back panel and most
> likely are (from left to right) - TP, 2, 1, 0, NC. TP is the pair of
> Term Power Enable pins. Place a jumper over the leftmost two pins to
> enable termination on the drive and try again.
> --
> Khalid
> ====================================================================
> Khalid Aziz Linux Development Laboratory
> (970)898-9214 Hewlett-Packard
> Fort Collins, CO
> Disclaimer: I do not speak for HP. These are my personal opinions.

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