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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sockreg2.4.5-05 inet[6]_create() register/unregister table
On Thursday 07 June 2001 12:03, Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:
> "David S. Miller" <> writes:
> >And my current understanding is that allowing proprietary
> >reimplementations of the VM, VFS, and core networking, is not one of
> >the things which is allowed.
> wanted (by you and possibly Linus). Not allowed.
> It _is_ already allowed. Someone can use the posted patch which is
> GPL open source, put it into the kernel and use their proprietary
> module.
> And this is legal according to the "Kernel GPL, Linus Torvalds
> edition (TM)" which says "any loadable module can be binary only".
> Not "only loadable modules which are drivers". It may not be the
> intention but it is the fact.

I seem to recall something about binary modules being ok as long as
they stick to the published interface, which would let out binary-only
extensions to core kernel functionality. This would seem to permit

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