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    Subjectpset patch??
     Sorry if this is off topic. I've searched the archives and found
    references to
    what I'm looking for but the URL's take me nowhere. The references I'm
    referring to
    are for pset patches that will enable me to lock down a processor in an
    smp env.
    Lock down meaning I need to be able to lock out all system interrupts
    and tasks from
    a defined cpu and lock in a particular task/tasks and set of external
    interrupts to
    that same cpu. Yes it's for a real time app but not sure if rtlinux is
    what I am
    in need of.

    I see references to this site
    From reading the archives it looks like what I'm looking for but there
    is nothing there.

    Is what I need to do possible and if I need this patch do to it could
    someone tell
    me where I might find it? Sorry if this is OT but I'm at a dead end road
    and didn't
    know where else to ask?? Thanks in advance.

    Mark Hounschell
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