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SubjectRe: temperature standard - global config option?

>>> Kelvins good idea in general - it is always positive ;-)
>>> 0.01*K fits in 16 bits and gives reasonable range.
>>> but may be something like K<<6 could be a option? (to allow use of shifts
>>> instead of muls/divs). It would be much more easier to extract int part.
>>> just my 2 eurocents.
>> Why not make it in Celsius ? Is more easy to read it this way.
> It's easier for you as a user to read, but slightly harder to deal with inside
> the code.
> It's really a user-space issue, inside the kernel should be as standardized as
> possible, and
> Kelvins make the most sense there.

OK, I think by now we've all agreed the following:
- The issue is NOT displaying temperatures to the user, but a userspace
program reading them from the kernel. The userspace program itself can
do temperature conversions for the user if he/she wants.
- The most preferable units would be decikelvins, as the value can give a
relatively precise as well as wide range of numbers ranging from absolute
zero to about 6340 degrees Celsius ((65535 / 10) - 273) which is well
within anything that a computer can operate. It also gives us a good
base for all sorts of other temperature sensing devices.

Do we all agree on those now?

Chris Boot

#define QUESTION ((2b) || (!2b))

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