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SubjectRe: BUG: race-cond with partition-check and ll_rw_blk (all platforms, 2.4.*!)

We just had a problem when running some formatting-utils on
a large amount of disks synchronously: We got a NULL-pointer
violation when accessig blk_size[major] for our major number.
Further research showed, that grok_partitions was running at
that time, which has been called by register_disk, which our
device driver issues after a disk has been formatted.
Grok_partitions first initializes blk_size[major] with a NULL
pointer, detects the partitions and then assigns the original
value to blk_size[major] again.
Here's the interresting code from these functions, I cut some
irrelevant things out:
From grok_paritions:
blk_size[dev->major] = NULL;
check_partition(dev, MKDEV(dev->major, first_minor), 1 + first_minor);
if (dev->sizes != NULL) {
blk_size[dev->major] = dev->sizes;
From generic_make_request:
if (blk_size[major]) {
if (blk_size[major][MINOR(bh->b_rdev)]) {

Can anyone explain to me, why grok_partitions has to clear
this pointer?

Well, among the irrelevant details you left out is the fact that
it is not
blk_size[dev->major] = NULL;
blk_size[dev->major] = NULL;
if (dev->sizes)
blk_size[dev->major] = dev->sizes;

So, the idea is that either this major has an array with sizes,
and then one can find it in blk_size[dev->major], or it hasn't.
You seem to have a situation where dev->sizes is NULL but
blk_size[dev->major] is not? What device is this?

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