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it seems the text for CONFIG_LP_CONSOLE
is incorrect: The default is to stall until the printer
is ready while the help text says the opposite.
(vi +540 drivers/char/lp.c)

Attached is a patch for 2.4.6-pre1 which fixes the help text.

Also, shouldn't CONFIG_LP_CONSOLE depend on CONFIG_PRINTER=y?
(it doesn't work when CONFIG_PRINTER=m, at least for me)

Linux 2.4.5-ac9 #3 Wed Jun 6 11:15:40 CEST 2001
diff -ur --new-file linux-2.4.6-pre1/Documentation/
--- linux-2.4.6-pre1/Documentation/ Wed Jun 6 11:54:24 2001
+++ Wed Jun 6 11:54:32 2001
@@ -13014,10 +13014,12 @@
doing that; to actually get it to happen you need to pass the
option "console=lp0" to the kernel at boot time.

- Note that kernel messages can get lost if the printer is out of
- paper (or off, or unplugged, or too busy..), but this behaviour
- can be changed. See drivers/char/lp.c (do this at your own risk).
+ If the printer is out of paper (or off, or unplugged, or too
+ busy..) the kernel will stall until the printer is ready again.
+ By defining CONSOLE_LP_STRICT to 0 (at your own risk) you
+ can make the kernel continue when this happens,
+ but it'll lose the kernel messages.
If unsure, say N.

Support for user-space parallel port device drivers
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