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SubjectRe: Missing cache flush.
David S. Miller writes:
> David Woodhouse writes:

>>> Call it flush_ecache_full() or something.
>> Strange name. Why? How about __flush_cache_range()?
> How about flush_cache_range_force() instead?
> I want something in the name that tells the reader "this flushes
> the caches, even though under every other ordinary circumstance
> you would not need to".

"flush" means what to you?


All 3 behaviors are useful to me, and a few more. I've been
using chunks of PowerPC assembly. Using PowerPC mnemonics...

dcba -- allocate a cache block with undefined content
dcbf -- write to RAM, then invalidate ("data cache block flush")
dcbi -- invalidate, discarding any data
dcbst -- initiate write if dirty
dcbt -- prefetch, hinting about future load instructions
dcbtst -- prefetch, hinting about future store instructions
dcbz -- allocate and zero a cache block (cacheable mem only!)

So dcbf_range() and dcbi_range() sound good to me. :-)
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