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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.5-ac9
On Tue, 05 Jun 2001 21:55:39 -0700, 
David Ford <> wrote:
>Quite positive it's the right map file. I used -m and specified the
>exact file.
>Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>David Ford wrote:
>>> >>EIP; c01269f9 <proc_getdata+4d/154> <=====
>>>Trace; c01b1021 <read_eeprom+131/1a8>
>>This trace looks corrupted to me... are you sure that for the
>>crashed kernel matches -exactly- with the one ksymoops used to decode

The trace definitely looks suspect, I cannot see any BUG() calls in
proc_getdata(), even looking at the object code.

objdump --start-address=0xc01269f9 --stop-address=0xc0126a10 vmlinux
show the same code bytes, starting with ud2a? I will be surprised if
it does. If it does not then you definitely have the wrong
for the oops.

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