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Subject[PATCH] fix for initrd panic in 2.4.5
Not many people have seen this, but the i_bdev field in fake_inode in 
ioctl_by_bdev() is uninitialised. Since this field is dereferenced by
BLKFLSBUF in rd_ioctl, it can lead to a panic (depending on what happens to be
on the stack). The attached fixes the problem and clears all the fields in
fake_inode to make any other problems like this show up.

James Bottomley

Index: fs/block_dev.c
RCS file: /home/jejb/CVSROOT/linux/2.4/fs/block_dev.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.1.1.10 block_dev.c
--- fs/block_dev.c 2001/05/26 15:33:37
+++ fs/block_dev.c 2001/06/02 13:14:35
@@ -596,13 +596,14 @@
int ioctl_by_bdev(struct block_device *bdev, unsigned cmd, unsigned long arg)
kdev_t rdev = to_kdev_t(bdev->bd_dev);
- struct inode inode_fake;
+ struct inode inode_fake = { 0 };
int res;
mm_segment_t old_fs = get_fs();

if (!bdev->bd_op->ioctl)
return -EINVAL;
+ inode_fake.i_bdev = bdev;
res = bdev->bd_op->ioctl(&inode_fake, NULL, cmd, arg);
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