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SubjectRe: temperature standard - global config option?

> > Please, don't.
> >
> > Use kelvins *0.1, and use them consistently everywhere. This is what
> > ACPI does, and it is probably right.
> I'm sorry, by I don't feel like adding 273 to every number I get just to
> find the temperature of something. What I would do is give configuration
> options to choose the default (Celsius/centigrade, Kelvin, or [shudder]
> Fahrenheit) then, when you need to print or output a temperature, send it
> off to a common converter function so you don't repeat core all over the
> place.

No. Sorry. Create nice tool to display info for you. We are talking
about output from kernel. It *must not* be configurable. Or do you
want your programs to read 58 from /proc/acpi/thermal/1/status and
then reading /proc/units to see if it is celsius or farenhait.

ACPI is already using 0.1*K, so everything should use that to be
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