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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.5-ac9
David Ford wrote:
> >>EIP; c01269f9 <proc_getdata+4d/154> <=====
> Trace; c01b1021 <read_eeprom+131/1a8>
> Trace; c01b1c43 <rtl8139_tx_timeout+143/148>
> Trace; c01b2643 <rtl8139_interrupt+5f/170>
> Trace; c0137fc0 <__emul_lookup_dentry+a4/fc>
> Trace; c0138871 <open_namei+4d1/560>
> Trace; c0167ccb <leaf_define_dest_src_infos+1a7/1ac>
> Trace; c012e389 <do_readv_writev+15d/228>
> Trace; c012e2c2 <do_readv_writev+96/228>

This trace looks corrupted to me... are you sure that for the
crashed kernel matches -exactly- with the one ksymoops used to decode
this? It uses /proc/ksyms by default, which is incorrect for most
postmortem ksymoops runs...

rtl8139_interrupt doesn't call tx_timeout, which doesn't call
read_eeprom, which doesn't call proc_getdata.

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