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SubjectRe: kernel oops when burning CDs
> > > I get an ooops and immediate kernel panic when I break (CTRL-C)
> > > cdrecord. I can reproduce on 2.4.5-ac series, Linus' 2.4.5 is fine.
> >
> > ... Also include the hardware details. The -ac tree has a newer version of
> > the scsi generic code.
> Oops occures in SG driver. This patch fixes the problem.

Indeed, the patch seems to have solved the problem. Thanks.

The hardware used was a HP 9100 through ide-scsi on a VIA MVP3 based MB. This
is probably irrelevant, but just in case...

Rudo Thomas.

ps: Here's what I got to:

>>EIP; c01abe88 <sg_cmd_done_bh+1cc/274> <=====
Trace; c01a3396 <scsi_old_done+56a/57c>
Trace; c01a6f28 <idescsi_end_request+1f8/240>
Trace; c01a6ff3 <idescsi_pc_intr+83/234>
Trace; c0195a17 <ide_intr+f7/14c>
Trace; c01a6f70 <idescsi_pc_intr+0/234>
Trace; c010798c <simd_math_error+54/c8>
Trace; c0107eee <do_IRQ+6e/b0>
Trace; 0c019efe Before first symbol
Code; c01abe88 <sg_cmd_done_bh+1cc/274>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code; c01abe88 <sg_cmd_done_bh+1cc/274> <=====
0: ff 48 10 decl 0x10(%eax) <=====
Code; c01abe8b <sg_cmd_done_bh+1cf/274>
3: a1 ac f3 22 c0 mov 0xc022f3ac,%eax
Code; c01abe90 <sg_cmd_done_bh+1d4/274>
8: 80 48 18 08 orb $0x8,0x18(%eax)
Code; c01abe94 <sg_cmd_done_bh+1d8/274>
c: 88 54 24 14 mov %dl,0x14(%esp,1)
Code; c01abe98 <sg_cmd_done_bh+1dc/274>
10: 8b 02 mov (%edx),%eax
Code; c01abe9a <sg_cmd_done_bh+1de/274>
12: 8b 40 00 mov 0x0(%eax),%eax
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