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SubjectRe: Exporting new functions from kernel 2.2.14

Actually, the symbols in question aren't in modules. The kernel is module
enabled, but all drivers are being compiled in (this is for an embedded
system). My external module (which needs to grab the timer interrupt) is in a
separate source tree.

Thanks for the printk info - I guess boneheads like me could use a FAQ that
tells which order the miscellaneoud include files need to be in. (I had
modules.h after linux.h). I changed the order, butI am waiting for a recompile
now, so I don't know if the reordering worked.

Arthur Naseef wrote:


> you can edit the .ver file yourself (under /usr/src/linux/include/modules/)
> and add entries. This will eliminate the funny versioning, as in:
> As far as the printk() warning, you need to make sure your module code
> includes the right header files. In this case, I believe you need to grab
> <linux/kernel.h> after including <linux/module.h>.
> I hope this helps.
> -art

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