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SubjectRe: Missing cache flush.
Date said:
> Chris Wedgwood writes:
> > What if the memory is erased underneath the CPU being aware of
> > this? In such a way ig generates to bus traffic...

> This doesn't happen on x86. The processor snoops all transactions
> done by other agents to/from main memory. The processor caches are
> always up to date.

No. My original mail presented two situations in which this assumption is

1. Bank-switched RAM. You want to force a writeback before switching pages.
I _guarantee_ you that the CPU isn't snooping my access to the I/O port
which sets the latch that drives the upper few address bits of the RAM

2. Flash. A few writes of magic data to magic addresses and a whole erase
block suddenly contains 0xFF. The CPU doesn't notice that either.

What I want is a function like simon_says_flush_page_to_ram(). In this
case, I _do_ know better than the CPU. It is _not_ coherent with these

I'm actually working on a MIPS box at the moment - the particular problems
with doing it on i386 don't interest me too much. To be honest, I could do
it by sticking asm instructions inside ifdefs in what is otherwise
arch-independent code. I'd rather not do it like that, though.

Surely stuff like that should be exported by the arch-specific code or
include files somehow. Possibly with a #define or function I can use to tell
whether a selective flush is actually available on the current CPU. If it's
not possible to flush the dcache selectively, then the cost of doing a full
flush probably outweighs the benefit¹ of running the flash cached in the
first place. But it should still be possible to do it from arch-independent
code without manually inserting asm instructions to do it.


¹ The _assumed_ benefit, admittedly. I should get some benchmarks to back up
the comment about molasses in arch/cris/drivers/axisflashmap.c

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