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SubjectRe: symlink_prefix
In article <>,
Hank Leininger <> writes:
> On 2001-06-03, wrote:
>> Suppose I have devices /dev/a, /dev/b, /dev/c that contain the
>> /, /usr and /usr/spool filesystems for FOO OS. Now
>> mount /dev/a /mnt -o symlink_prefix=/mnt
>> mount /dev/b /mnt/usr -o symlink_prefix=/mnt
>> mount /dev/c /mnt/usr/spool -o symlink_prefix=/mnt
> Cool.
> What happens when someone creates new absolute symlinks under /mnt ?
> Will/should the magic /mnt/ header be stripped from any symlink created
> under such a path-translated volume? The answer is probably 'yes', but
> either one violates POLA :(
I think the semantics should be these that are used in the old usespace
nfsd for the "link_relative" option. That one had very intuitive semantics
and behaved sanely even if you had insane recursive machine crossmounts
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