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SubjectRe: IO-APIC, beaten with stick, routes USB
> Any chance you can try Alan Cox's patch against 2.4.5?  It has a number
> of IO-APIC fixes.

patch-2.4.5-ac7.bz2 behaves the same as 2.4.4. Whatever is happening in
IO-APIC setup, USB interrupts actually arrive on IRQ 12. I can include
the usual pile of config info and boot messages, but they look the same
as previous l-k postings.

Since IRQ 12 is a popular destination for USB, the following patch may
work for people with this problem:

--- usb-ohci.c Sun May 6 08:42:51 2001
+++ usb-ohci.c.rico Mon Jun 4 20:49:56 2001
@@ -2524,3 +2524,3 @@

- return hc_found_ohci (dev, dev->irq, mem_base, id);
+ return hc_found_ohci (dev, 12, mem_base, id);
If 12 fails, they can look for the stray interrupt in /proc/stat.
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