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SubjectKernel Stack usage [was: [PATCH] fs/devfs/base.c]
>>>>> Bill Pringlemeir <> writes:

> There was a discussion on comp.arch.embedded about bounded stack
> use. It is fairly easy to calculate the stack usage for call
> trees, but much more difficult for `DAGs'. Ie, a recursive
> functions etc. I don't know about the policy on recursion in the
> kernel, but I think it would be bad.

> Perhaps the checker could be modified to keep track of the call
> tree and find the largest value used in the tree. Each function
> will have a maximum, to which you should add the interrupt
> handling overhead, which would be calculated in a similar way.
> This will work if you do not allow re-entrant interrupts and you
> do not have any `cycles' in the function call hierarchies.

Sorry, I neglected the important case of `alloca', and other variable
length stack allocation functions/constructs. Maybe this becomes too
restrictive to be useful.

Bill Pringlemeir

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