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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Remove nr_async_pages limit
    Alan Cox <> writes:

    > > This patch removes the limit on the number of async pages in the
    > > flight.
    > I have this in all 2.4.5-ac. It does help a little but there are some other
    > bits you have to deal with too, in paticular wrong aging. See the -ac version

    Yes, I'll check -ac to see your changes. Although, I can't see what is
    the impact of the unlimited number of the async pages on the aging, I
    don't see a connection?!

    In the mean time I tested the patch even more thoroughly under various
    loads and I can't find any problem with it. Performance is same or
    better a little bit, as you say. :)

    My other patch (enlarging inactive dirty list) has a much bigger
    impact on the aging process, but I also see only improvement with
    it. I think that swap_out path should be tweaked a little bit (it is
    too aggressive now), and then things will come up even better.

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