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SubjectQlogic Fiber Channel
I have been running successfully with qla2x00src-4.15Beta.tgz for several
months now over several kernel versions up to 2.4.5.
When I tested 2.4.6-pre6 I decided to use the qlogicfc driver -- BAD

#1 - My system had crashed (for a different reason) and when the raid5 was
resyncing and e2fsck happening at the same time the kernel locked with
messages from qlogicfc.o:
qlogicfc0: no handle slots, this should not happen.
hostdata->queue is 2a, inptr: 74
I was able to repeat this several times so it's a consistent error.
Waiting for the raid resync to finish did allow this complete -- but now
when I come in the next morning the console is locked up and no network
access either. So I reset it. Checked the logs and here it is again:
Jun 29 03:39:21 yeti kernel: qlogicfc0 : no handle slots, this should not
Jun 29 03:39:21 yeti kernel: hostdata->queued is 36, in_ptr: 13
This was during a tape backup.

So I'm switching back to qla2x00src-4.15Beta.tgz -- which does the resync
and e2fsck just fine together BTW.
Jun 29 06:22:47 yeti kernel: qla2x00: detect() found an HBA
Jun 29 06:22:47 yeti kernel: qla2x00: VID=1077 DID=2100 SSVID=0 SSDID=0

Only problem is I don't see this package on qlogic's website anymore and
their "beta" directory is empty now. I'm waiting to see what their tech
support says.

Michael D. Black Principal Engineer 321-676-2923,x203 Computer Science Innovations My home page
FAX 321-676-2355

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