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SubjectRe: USB Keyboard errors with 2.4.5-ac
On Friday 29 June 2001 19:27, Jordan Breeding wrote:
> noticed my real problem with the keyboard. The kernel apparently
> expects a PS/2 (AT) keyboard to be plugged in because if there isn't one
> the kernel reports timeouts and seems slower than when there is a PS/2
> keyboard present, my guess is because it is waiting on all of those
> timeouts.

I use a USB keyboard (Macally iKey) and mouse (Logitech iFeel) without
problems. I also get these messages, but I dont see any performance problem.
It may help you to enable an option like "Legacy USB keyboard support" in
your BIOS. This will emulate a PS/2 keyboard until USB is initialized.

> The next major keyboard thing I noticed is that I can type on
> certain keys but if I do anything like hit the caps lock key or number
> lock a couple of times then the keyboard stops responding completely and
> the kernel tells me that there was an error waiting on a IRQ on CPU #1.

This was discussed in the USB mailing list a few weeks ago. Several people
experienced this problem, including me. As a workaround, use the alternate
UHCI (JE) driver.

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