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SubjectRe: Bounce buffer deadlock
> Has anyone else seen a hang like this:
> bdflush()
> flush_dirty_buffers()
> ll_rw_block()
> submit_bh(buffer X)
> generic_make_request()
> __make_request()
> create_bounce()
> alloc_bounce_page()
> alloc_page()
> try_to_free_pages()
> do_try_to_free_pages()
> page_launder()
> try_to_free_buffers( , 2) -- i.e. wait for buffers
> sync_page_buffers()
> __wait_on_buffer(buffer X)

Whoops. We actually carefully set PF_MEMALLOC to avoid deadlocks here but if
the buffer is laundered.... ummm

Looks like page_launder needs to be more careful

> I hit this in 2.4.6-pre6, and I don't see anything in the ac series to protect
> against it.

Not this one no


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