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SubjectRe: VM Requirement Document - v0.0
> > That isnt really down to labelling pages, what you are talking qbout is what
> > you get for free when page aging works right (eg 2.0.39) but don't get in
> > 2.2 - and don't yet (although its coming) quite get right in 2.4.6pre.
> Correct, but all pages are not equal.

That is the whole point of page aging done right. The use of a page dictates
how it is aged before being discarded. So pages referenced once are aged
rapidly, but once they get touched a couple of times then you know they arent
streaming I/O. There are other related techniques like punishing pages that
are touched when streaming I/O is done to pages further down the same file -
FreeBSD does this one for example

> The problem with updatedb is that it pushes all applications to the swap,
> and when you get back in the morning, everything has to be paged back from
> swap just because the (stupid) OS is prepared for yet another updatedb
> run.

Updatedb is a bit odd in that it mostly sucks in metadata and the buffer to
page cache balancing is a bit suspect IMHO.


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