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Subject[uPATCH] i810-tco watchdog,
Hi all,

Intel ICHx have one(?) ugly feature: reboot by TCO timer can be
disabled by the hardware. Current message isn't very informative and
can cause false bugreports, so the attached micropatch.

BTW this hardware braindamage already reported on Sony Vaio pCG-FX140.

Best regards.

P.S. What's wrong with my previous patches including Intel ICH and SCL90E66
PCI quirks ?

Andrey Panin | Embedded systems software engineer | PGP key: -ur -X dontdiff linux.vanilla/drivers/char/i810-tco.c linux/drivers/char/i810-tco.c
--- linux.vanilla/drivers/char/i810-tco.c Tue Jun 26 10:37:47 2001
+++ linux/drivers/char/i810-tco.c Thu Jun 28 16:51:17 2001
@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@
pci_write_config_byte (i810tco_pci, 0xd4, val1);
pci_read_config_byte (i810tco_pci, 0xd4, &val1);
if (val1 & 0x02) {
- printk (KERN_ERR "i810tco init: failed to reset NO_REBOOT flag\n");
+ printk (KERN_ERR "i810tco init: failed to reset NO_REBOOT flag, reboot disabled by hardware\n");
return 0; /* Cannot reset NO_REBOOT bit */
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