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SubjectRe: [PATCH] User chroot
> Not that the documentation on MAP_ANON is any good either
> but at least the mere existence of the flag is mentioned.

> Seriously:
> both features ought to be documented in the man pages
> (I did submit a man page too, back in 1996)

Ah yes, I see. We both wrote a man page, and each contained
stuff not in the other, and I asked you to merge them, but
then nothing happened anymore. Maybe I should merge them

[In case you do the merging: please distinguish clearly
between what is prescribed by POSIX (or SUSv2, or Austin draft 7)
and what is implemented by (g)libc or the Linux kernel.
I see that your version has prototypes like
caddr_t mmap(caddr_t addr, ...
but this caddr_t is typically from BSD, and is void * these days.]


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