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SubjectRe: Asus CUV4X-DLS
Thanks for the tips, however it doesn't help :-(

Anyways in case anyone is curious the i/o problem still happens
with an aic7xxx card put in and the onboard scsi disabled.

> "J. Nick Koston" wrote:
> >
> > There seems to be a major problem with this board and 2.4.x kernels.
> > I consistantly get SCSI Input/Output errors on multiple drives that I
> > know are good when running a SMP kernel. These errors do no happen
> > with a UP kernel. This is happening on multiple systems and with
> > multiple know good scsi drives of all speeds and sizes.
> Make sure you have the latest BIOS upgrade and set the MPS revision in
> the BIOS to 1.1 rather than 1.4. This cured a similar issue for me and
> USB on the CUV4X-D motherboard, but as your board is different, your
> mileage may vary.

Already set at 1.1
> Also, try passing "noapic" to the kernel on boot if the problem still
> persists. The downside is that all interrupts will be handled by a
> single CPU. There is a definite problem with VIA chipsets.
Tried this as well (mentioned in my original email)

> John

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