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SubjectRe: Tracking down semaphore usage/leak
Urgh, learn something new everyday (ipcs, ipcrm).  My apologies; apropos
didn't catch it on my boxes. :-(

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 02:09:16PM -0700, Ken Brownfield wrote:
| With RedHat's new Samba 2.0.10 RPM (the one to patch the latest
| vulnerability) they seem to have sniffed enough glue to start using SysV
| IPC semaphores which apparently leak until SEM??? are reached. semget()
| is returning "No space left on device", and disk/inodes/memory are all
| fine.
| Anyway, could someone give me a very quick rundown of the options for
| tracking/force-freeing semaphores, or how to determine from proc, if
| possible, what the current semaphore allocation status is? Or did RH
| slay a machine I really don't want to reboot? I've restarted all
| semaphore-using processes to no avail, but even so the SEM??? limits are
| far above the normal needs of this machine.
| Thanks much. Searched the archives/Google/FAQ/semaphore docs; sorry if
| it's been covered. I'll summarize if folks want to hit me on or off the
| list.
| --
| Ken.
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