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SubjectRE: failed kernel 2.4.2 build after applying the patch ac28
>On 26 Jun 2001 15:35:09 -0600, MEHTA,HIREN (A-SanJose,ex1) wrote:
>> I tried to build the 2.4.2 kernel after applying patch ac28
>> (patch-2.4.2-ac28) and it failed :-((
>> When it failed it gave the following message :
>> *** Install db development libraries
>> I thought kernel build should be independent of any userland libraries.

>i think this is because aicasm (the assembler for the aha7xxx scsi
>firmware) uses db1 to build itself. are you compiling aha7xxx support
>into the kernel?

Yes, I am trying to compile aic7xxx support into the kernel.

>upgrade to the newest kernel (2.4.5-ac18) and rebuilding the firmware is
>optional, so you won't need the berekely db libraries.

Do you know from where can I get the berkeley db libraries ? Currently I do
not want to upgrade my kernel. If you can suggest some changes to makefiles/
config files which will skip the steps to build the firmware, that would
also be great.

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