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SubjectRe: Some experience of linux on a Laptop
> > 8: A way to change kernel without rebooting. I have no diskdrive or 
> > in my laptop so I often do drastic things when I install a new
>Well, don't do drastic things then, if that cause problems!

=) First of all that part was intended as a joke ;) but what I meant is

I think it was when installing debian I wanted to change back to ext2 from
reiserfs. Trouble is for some reason their install program needs kernel
2.2.x which doesn't support reiserfs. So I had to make an ext2 partition to
save all files I wanted to save. Thats when I noticed that their install
program had managed to delete all my modules. So a reboot would mean loss of
reiserfs support, but not to reboot would mean no ext2 support... tricky.
Well I tar'ed the damn files and dd 'em to the swap parttion right after the
debianinstall disk. Hmmm.... come to think of it I don't remmber why I
wanted to change kernel on the fly... The problem was that the modules was
in mem only.

well well...

and when it comes to the slow X..
actually eaven xdm hangs fairly often. I was running blackbox when it
didn't, but then blackbox would hang.

I did't really mean to drop a request list on your laps, just thought that
some feed back keeps the mind going.

/John Nilsson
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