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SubjectRe: GPIB support
Richard B. Johnson writes:
> On Sat, 23 Jun 2001, Wan Hing Wah wrote:
> > I'm doing a project which port a component testing program in DOS which
> > use GPIB to linux
> > Does the Linux kernel support GPIB?
> >
> >
> > I find a linux gpib driver in the linux lab project
> >

AFAIK this driver does not work with 2.2 nor 2.4 kernels.

> >
> GPIB is terribly device-specific. What board do you intend to use?
> National Instruments has a so-called driver for their TNT4882 on
> their web-site. I was never able to get it to even compile, much
> less work.

The NI gpib kernel module works flawlessly on 2.2 machines,
we are using this driver with a PCI GPIB card and the
machine in question has an uptime of 248 days at the moment.
Don't know if there is support for 2.4, though.



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