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SubjectRe: The Joy of Forking
> Rick Hohensee <> said:
> > 2.4.5 is 26 meg now. It's time to consider forking the kernel. Alan has
> > already stuck his tippy-toe is that pool, and his toe is fine.
> Stop that nonsense. Alan Cox has _not_ forked anything, neither has Dave
> Miller, or any of the arch maintainers. Alan has said several times that he
> will sync up with Linus, and he still stages patches upwards. Alan doesn't
> like the "all shall be devfs" ukase (and neither do I, BTW), and will
> maintain non-devfs systems for the time being.
> I do see the merit of some kind of devfs, but there still is a lot of stuff
> that needs a more reasonable solution, so no thanks for now.

I've had quite a good two rants lately and will be happy to get on to
other things for now. My point is to think of devfs and dozens of other
things in the context of more than one Linux. Just a thought.

Rick Hohensee

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> Horst von Brand
> Casilla 9G, Vin~a del Mar, Chile +56 32 672616

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