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SubjectRe: Some experience of linux on a Laptop
On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > 8: A way to change kernel without rebooting. I have no diskdrive or cddrive
> > in my laptop so I often do drastic things when I install a new distribution.
> Thats actually an incredibly hard problem to solve. The only people who do
> this level of stuff are some of the telephony folks, and the expensive
> tandem non-stop boxes.

I use loadlin + initrd on my Toshiba and Ibm notebook. Boot up dos first,
then to either a test linux or stable linux environment from the C drive.
I setup a Menu in config.sys under dos to select which linux to boot up.
If the test kernel doesn't work, I reboot the system to switch to the
stable one. At least better than carrying a floppy around.

ps. Alan, thanks for replying to my "reiserfs replay" question.


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