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SubjectRe: The Joy of Forking
On Sunday 24 June 2001 09:46, Luigi Genoni wrote:
> > > no SMP
> > > x86 only (and similar, e.g. Crusoe)
> Is this a joke?
> I hope it is.
> Luigi

Nah, I think it's an intentional troll.

Either that or somebody who's So naieve they honestly think that having
different "text mode" and "binary mode" attributes of files (the cr/lf thing)
can in some strange way actually improve a system. (Justifying it with the
way printers work when sent an ascii text stream, despite the fact that most
printers these days receive postscript or something equally distant from
ascii after the printer drivers get done with it. And that text processing
itself is, regrettably, moving to Unicode.)


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