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SubjectRe: Cleanup kbuild for aic7xxx
>Ok, here's the relevant output from 2.2.19.  In future emails, would 
>like all the information posted to the list or would you like URLs to
>the text docs?

If you think the information is of interest to the list, I have no
problem with continueing our dialog there.

Embedded text or URLs, whichever is easier for you is fine by me.

>Linux version 2.2.19 (root@James) (gcc version 2.95.3 20010315
>(release)) #1 Fri
> Jun 22 20:17:08 PDT 2001

Could you, by chance, have a 440GX based system, perhaps even an Intel
Lancewood MB? If this is the case, your problem has to do with the PCI
IRQ table on the MB and/or how Linux now interprets it (Alan Cox or Doug
Ledford may have more info on this issue since they have been tracking
it for RedHat). A possible work around is to enable APIC I/O.

If you don't have such a system, can you provide the full dmesg as
well as lspci output for your system. That combined with the driver
messages should help me figure this out.

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