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SubjectPossible freezing bug located after ac13
I've recently been going slightly nuts with the fact ac15, 16, and 17
all like deadlocking/slowing to a crawl for seconds/minutes on my K6-III
with 64MB of ram and a swap space of 128MB...

Recently I noticed something VERY odd, I'd been keeping an eye on
gkrellm while I was doing stupid things to produce the problem (a du
as root in X of / generally would always make it pop up) ... And swap
was doing I/O at the time *JUST* before when I'd either deadlock or slow
down to a crawl, and if it recovered, swap would do more I/O...

So. I tried unmounting all swap, and suddenly everything worked fine,
although I couldn't exactly do everythign I wanted of course.

I regression tested this, ac 16,15 and even 14 do this. ac 13 does *not*
- IMHO I think the dead swap patches introduced into 14 may be related
to the problem.

Just my two cents.

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