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SubjectRe: Missing help entries in 2.4.6pre5
Date said:
> There's a really simple solution to that. Eric can just make up his
> own help file entries that are wildly inaccurate and actively
> insulting to whoever it is who owns the symbol.

Heh. Lets not be too harsh though. Chasing people who add config options
without help text is a thankless task for the most part, but I'm grateful to
ESR for doing it. I must admit I was actually counting on him to catch the
ones I'd missed.

It was only when he ignored my patch which removed an offending symbol and
explained the status of a couple of false positives, and kept asking about
them instead of placing them on his 'ignore' list that it became irritating.

I objected, he assures me they're on the ignore list now, and we're all


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