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Subjectpci_fixup_via691_2 Holy Crusade

- I am 2.4.2-ac21 and I will destroy all your divx!!! - said little egg
- How can you destroy my divx, if you are just a minor kernel version...? - I
asked, it was first time in my life I talked to egg
- You will see!!! - said egg and disappear

From this time - every day was sad. Whenever I run aviplay or mplayer - it
works slowly, and all movies were just a slideshow. I also asked x11perf what
it thinking about it - and it said: "your video is slow".

So I took my diff, gcc and sword and started to fight. After few hours I found
little monster, called pci_fixup_via691_2. I cut it with my sword, called Holy
Vim - and my kernel runs fast again!

So I wrote here about it. It was a good move, becouse next day I found in my
mailbox a Letter From God. It was short, but shine, so my dark room become
bright. The God, also known as Alan Cox said: "I will remove this bogus code,
and your life will be happy again". I heard singing of angels when I was
reading it. Then it was 2.4.4-ac2, I looked at it and I knew, that it was good.

But, the Evil can't be defeated so easly. I was just sleeping when 2.4.5
appeared. Then today I decided to check 2.4.6-pre5 and I scared when I heard
the same laught:
- I am here! I am still here!!! you can't kill me, couse I am internal part of
that kernel! hahahahaaha...!!!

So, it is The Holy Crusade. If you see:

pci_fixup_via691_2 },

remember - it's an Evil Line From Hell. If you have VIA MVP3 (like me) you must
taste its blood every time you compile new _stable_ kernel. Remember about it.
Good Night!
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