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SubjectRe: osst & ide-2.2.19 conflict?
"Anil B. Somayaji" wrote:
> In the ide. patch, there is the following bit of code
> in ide-scsi.c, which prevents the ide-scsi driver from allowing access
> to an OnStream DI-30 tape drive. This is strange, since this same
> drive can be used with the included ide-scsi + osst drivers in the
> stock 2.2.19 kernel. If you delete this bit, however, ide-scsi
> recognizes the drive, and the osst driver seems to work fine.
> Here's the offending code:
> /*
> * The Onstream DI-30 does not handle clean emulation, yet.
> */
> if (strstr(drive->id->model, "OnStream DI-30")) {
> printk("ide-tape: ide-scsi emulation is not supported for %s.\n", drive->id->model);
> continue;
> }
> Any reason for this to stay in the ide patch, or is it now obsolete?
It is obsolete, and can safely be removed.

Success. Willem Riede.
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