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SubjectRe: Missing help entries in 2.4.6pre5
Date said:
> You're a bit irritated. That's good. I *want* people who don't
> write help entries for their configuration symbols to be a bit
> irritated. That way, they might get around to actually doing what they
> ought to.

I wasn't irritated the first time. I sent you a patch which added all the
help entries I'd missed, and thanked you for checking. To be honest, I'd
actually been counting on you to do that for me and catch the ones I'd

The irritation only happened because you seem to have ignored the remainder
of my original response and patch - which explained the status of the Ocelot
and XScale options, and which removed the other offending option from completely. I'd removed the corresponding code before syncing up
with Linus because it wanted rewriting before it could be submitted, just
forgotten to remove the config option for it.

I'm already rejecting patches which add new config entries but don't add
the corresponding help text. What more do you want?


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