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    SubjectRe: What are the VM motivations??

    On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Jason McMullan wrote:

    > <rant>
    > I've been reading the VM thread off-and-on for, oh, the last
    > 8 _years_ on linux-kernel. It doesn't seem that much progress gets
    > made in any one direction. For every throughput optimination for servers,
    > the desktop people yell 'interactivity'. For every 'long-disk-idle'
    > desire the laptop guys have, others want large buffer caches.
    > It goes back and forth. Everybody pulling from all sides, and
    > the VM performance has stayed (mostly) in the center.
    > Well, I have an idea. Let's take a page from the Neural
    > Network guys (not the code, just the ideas), and look at VM from a
    > motivational perspective.
    > What if the VM were your little Tuxigachi. A little critter
    > that lived in your computer, handling all the memory, swap, and
    > cache management. What would be the positive and negative feedback
    > you'd give him to tell him how well he's doing VM?
    > Here's a short, off-the-cuff list that hopefully most
    > everyone can agree on.
    > Positive
    > --------
    > * Low system CPU load for the VM timeslice
    > * Process IO requests / Disk IO is less than 1.0
    > * Large idle times between disk activity
    > * Process don't have to wait long for pages from VM.
    > * etc.
    > Negative
    > --------
    > * High CPU usage for VM
    > * High disk IO for low number of process IO requests.
    > * Disk is rarely idle
    > * Processes stall for a long time waiting for VM.
    > * Deadlocks (fatal!)
    > * etc.
    > One we know how we would 'train' our little VM critter, we
    > will know how to measure its performance. Once we have measures, we
    > can have good benchmarks. Once we have good benchmarks - we can pick
    > a good VM alg.

    We are talking with the OSDL people ( to setup an
    automatic testing system (differents benchmarks, different configurations,
    etc) which will give us a wider notion of VM changes wrt performance.

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