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    SubjectRe: [NFS] NFS Insanity, v2
    >>>>> " " == Christian Robottom Reis <> writes:

    > Every day at the same time I pull mozilla-latest through http,
    > and untar it into a directory that is served by nfs. The file
    > isn't too big - around 9MB. It creates a set of files inside
    > /mondo/local/mozilla. One of the files (same one for some
    > reason), components/, always ends up corrupted
    > on the client side. There is no server-side corruption.

    > Remounting (and thus rebooting) the client mount gets things
    > back to normal. Anyone willing to track this down with me? Or
    > is it something known (and being worked on, hopefully)?

    Is in use on the client? If so it's a known problem:
    mmap() screws up the page cache invalidation routine
    invalidate_inode_page(). If you do the untar on the client, then all
    will be fine...

    However the last time your report was of a problem in which the server
    was corrupted, and the client was good. Was that a typo, or is it
    still the case?

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