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SubjectRE: EEPRO100/S support

>The e100 driver from intel claims to support these cards (the 100 S
>desktop adaptor, that is), but in fact the drivers lock up under heavy
>UDP load (at least they do for me in 2.2.19). It seems to only be a
>problem with these newer cards, the e100 is solid with older cards
>(and things like the 100VE which is onboard on many Easterns).
>Intel are working on fixing the lockups, they thought it was related
>to the checksum offload though turning that off doesn't prevent the
>lockups. Version 1.66 is much more stable than 1.55a (1.55a would
>lockup after 60-80M of traffic on these cards), I'm awaiting the next
>version to see if they have nailed it.

A temporary workaround for e100-1.6.6 that works in most cases is to
disable the CPUSaver features by using the ucode=0 option.

>I've no idea if the e100 works on anything other than ia32/ia64.

Yes it does. At this point it should be platform independent, I see all
the required changes for both big and little endian support.

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